Duties and Powers. It shall be the duty of the Zoning Officer to enforce the provisions of this Ordinance and the amendments thereto and he shall have such duties and powers as are conferred on him by this Ordinance and as are reasonably implied for that purpose. The Zoning Officer’s duties shall include, but are not limited to:

1. Receive applications for Zoning Permits and issue Zoning Permits as set forth in this Ordinance.

2. Keep a record of all official business and activities, including complaints of a violation of any of
the provisions of this Ordinance and of the subsequent action taken on each such complaint. All
such records shall be open to public inspection. File copies of all applications received, permits
issued and reports and inspections made in connection with any structure, building, sign and/or
land shall be retained as long as the structures, etc. remain.

3. Make inspections as required to fulfill his duties. In doing so, however, he shall first seek the
permission of the landowner or tenant, and, in the event such permission cannot be voluntarily
obtained, he shall have the right to take such other legal means as are authorized under the law.

4. Issue Zoning Permits for buildings, structures and land uses, for which Subdivision and Land
Development approval is required, only after all necessary approvals have been secured and plans

5. Issue Zoning Permits for uses requiring new or altered on-site sewage disposal facilities only after
any necessary permit has been issued by the Municipal Sewage Enforcement Officer.

6. Issue Zoning Permits for special exception uses or for variances only after a special exception or
variance has been approved by the Zoning Hearing Board in accordance with the regulations of
this Ordinance.

7. Issue Zoning Permits for conditional uses only after a conditional use has been approved by the
Municipal Supervisors.

8. Issue Zoning Permits for buildings requiring approval by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor
and Industry only after such approval has been secured.

9. Issue Zoning Permits for a use involving an access point requiring Pennsylvania Department of
Transportation approval only after such approval has been secured.

10. Be responsible for keeping this Ordinance and the Official Zoning Map up to date so as to include all amendments thereto.

11. Issue Zoning Certificates of Use and Occupancy in accordance with the terms of this Ordinance.

12. Determination of preliminary opinions in accordance with Section 1907.

13. Submit a monthly report of his/her activities to the Municipal Governing Body. 243

14. When directed by the Municipal Governing Body, send enforcement notices as provided in the
Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code, as amended.

15. Institute civil enforcement proceedings as a means of enforcement when acting within the scope


Zoning Officer

Schuylkill Township

Zoning Officer will be responsible for receiving, filing, and issuing Zoning Permits and Certificates of Use & Occupancy, keeping records, creating reports, doing inspections, and securing prior authorizations. Responsibilities also include but are not limited to enforcing the provisions of the Township Ordinance and its’ amendments, keeping the Township Ordinance and Official Zoning Map up to date, and sending enforcement notices. See schuylkilltownship.com for more details.  Schuylkill Township consists of the Village of Newkirk, Reevesdale, Mary-D, Brockton, and Tuscarora.  Mail letters of interest with resumes & references to 75 Walnut Street, P.O. Box 405, Mary-D, PA 17952.




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